What is NLP / NLU?

As high as the value of making computers understand real-world language is, it is as complex as it is for them to comprehend it and take action truly. Therefore the field of NLU/NLP is quite old and dates back to the 1950ies.

Both concepts deal with the relationship of natural language (of humans) to AI (Artificial Intelligence) and share the common goal of making sense of language. NLP focuses on how computers can constructively process natural language. WE apply it in speech recognition, natural language understanding as well as natural language generation. NLU is a subtopic of NLP, focusing on machine reading comprehension. In other words: understanding what text means.

Only a few computer programs can make real sense of textual data. Our AI, one of them, can understand textual context, making it possible for DeepOpinion to offer best-in-class Opinion Mining.

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