How do I create a document information extraction model on DeepOpinion Studio

Create a document information extraction as a cognitive skill on DeepOpinion Studio then upload and label your documents to be able to train a model.

How do I create a custom model on DeepOpinion Studio?

Create a custom model on Studio by following 4 simple steps as shown in this tutorial

How Do I Automate My Customer Service Requests on Freshdesk

Automate your freshdesk ticket routing, tagging, and prioritization by following this step-by-step tutorial

How can I evaluate my cognitive automation

This blog provides an overview on how to best evaluate your automation and take it to the best performance level

How can I analyze text on DeepOpinion Studio?

Analyze your text using any of our library models or on your custom model.

How Do I Connect PowerBI to DeepOpinion Studio Automation

Connect your PowerBI account to DeepOpinion Studio directly and get your data there using Automations!

What is The Data Structure of Batch Analysis Results for Opinion Mining

Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis data structure is explained in this blog. It also provide best practice in working with the batch analysis results.

Data Labelling Guideline for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis

All you need to know to get great results from labelling feedback data for opinion mining

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