How do I create a label model for customer support ticket categorization on DeepOpinion Studio

Create your own customer support ticket categorization AI model easily on DeepOpinion Studio in minutes! This tutorial will follow the steps shown in the diagram below. As we will be using historical data from customer support we will skip the "ANNOTATE" step.


This short tutorial explains how to train an AI model on categorizing customer support tickets from the banking industry. For example, we want to determine what the request is about (eg, lost credit card, banking app not working, etc) so that it gets directly assigned to the responsible team to handle it. The same steps can be followed to train any label model where one 1 label is only assigned to a document.

Important: download to follow the tutorial and do it yourself.

Click Here to Download The Banking Customer Support Tickets Training Data

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how:


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